Summer trips

One of my favorite things about summer is going places. The freedom and life experience that traveling give you are incredible. The reason I am writing this right now is because tonight I leave on my first summer trip. While its not to some exotic place and not for very long I’m still super excited. I am leaving tonight around 6pm to LA. We own a storage place their so we have a place to stay. My boyfriend is also coming along <3 I’m just so excited because we will get to spend so much time together and my family and him will have some bonding time. I tried to convince my parents to let me sleep in the same room as him, haha but that didn’t work. I mean i guess i understand but I swore we wouldn’t do anything, but they didn’t want to take the chance. Who cares, ill probably sneak out of my room and pay him a little visit in the middle of the night, and they will never know. So tomorrow, wednesday, we are going to a live taping of So you think you can dance!! I am so excited! Its actually my favorite TV show like ever and know i get to see it live! Oh man its going to be amazing. Then on thursday we are going to go to venice beach and the santa monica pier! My boyfriend has never been there so I’m really excited to show it to him. I love venice because its always so much fun and the people there! Don’t even get me started, everyone is different and weird and no one cares! Then we head home thursday night because my boyfriend has early morning football practice on friday. My boyfriend and I are in a really really good place right now. I can’t stop smiling when I’m around him! He just makes me laugh so much and always says the sweetest things to me. I know he is the one for me! Also the way he makes me feel, oh man its just heavenly! ;)

So basically my summer consists of my boyfriend, dance, outdoors, and Netflix! Haha i have been obsessed with the tv show “Once upon a time” if you haven’t watched it and you like fairy tales I recommend it!
Oh and guess what guys?!?! Im going to a nationals dance competition in 2 weeks with my SOLO! Oh my god I’m so nervous and excited!!! My dance is to hallelujah and here it is

Ill keep posting i promise guys! Hows your summer been? anything fun happening?
thanks for reading


Summer day 1! FINALLY!!!

Today was one of the best days of my life! The summer of 2014 is officially here!! I know this is a late night blog post but i just had to write about today. My day started at 8am when I woke up. I got to sleep in today because we have a special schedule for finals. I loved it because I started school at 9:30 and got out at 12:40! After I finally got out of bed and took a shower I got dressed and headed to the store. My dad and I picked up some snacks for the parties that i would be having in both of my classes that day since we didn’t have final tests. As soon as I got to school, I went to english class. Our teacher bought us 4 dozen donuts, some kid brought chocolate covered strawberries (MY FAVORITE!) and I brought the chips and drinks. It was a full on party. We basically just hung out and talked for the whole hour and a half, but I didn’t mind. That class was a joke all year so I mean, It ended the way it started. Then the bell rang and I went to theatre class! So much freaking fun! first off everyone was in an amazing mood because well it was almost summer! Then our theatre teacher bought us all “The Habit”. Each child got a burger, fries and a shake! How awesome is that?!?! Then we turned off all the lights and blasted the music in the theatre. We had a few dance battles too! Not to brag but… I won them all :) The the last bell of the school year rang and it was officially SUMMER!

I then went back to my house, grabbed my beach stuff and my boyfriend and headed to the beach! Best way to start the summer for sure! All my friends, my boyfriend, and I all just hung out and soaked up the rays! It was perfect! My boyfriend and I then headed back to my house. We ran in my room, shut the door and.. I know what you are thinking but no! Haha we just cuddled and kissed a lot. It was so perfect, more perfect then perfect actually! I am just so excited about this summer because I have so much freedom and Things I can do! Its going to be amazing! 

Happy summer! Have any fun plans?


Finals week, SHOOT ME!

The one week that every high school student dreads of the school year is here, finals week. While I do know that I am quite lucky that I only have 2 actual test finals, they still suck! 

This morning was actually a really good morning for me because it was the last time I had to wake up at 6:30 in the 2013-2014 school year!!! I am just so happy that summer is here in two days! Its just so freaking exciting to think about doing what ever I want, when ever I want. So after getting ready I headed to school with about 30 pounds of texts books because today was the day that all the books where due! This is it guys the end of my sophomore year! Its still crazy to think that I am going to be a upper class man next year! I just can’t wait!

So first period is math class and since we have our final tomorrow we just spent the day reviewing for the test. My good friend serafina and I ditched our normal seats to go sit in the back and “work”. We always say we will work when we go in the back but it always turns into gossip and jokes, of course. Then class ended and we went to theatre class! Theatre class is actually one of my favorite classes but lately we haven’t been doing anything! Literally nothing except for sitting in the dressing room and walking around campus. Whatever its almost over, except I’m taking the same class next year so we will see how that goes. During theatre class I took the free time to go return the text books. My dog chewed one of them and I ended up having to pay $70 for it! After that event it was time for chemistry. I have developed some really good friends in that class, of course at the end of the year! I always finally become friends with everyone at the very end of the year which sucks because I end up never seeing them again. Anyways today in chem was really fun cause me and all my friends just messed around and played games and stuff like that, cause who cares at this point? Defiantly not us! English was really interesting because we presented our “Violence” homemade video that ended up to be 16 minutes long! It was so embarrassing, but what ever its over and I’m happy! Then it was time for lunch, so i bolted to the front of the school to finally see all my friends. I saw one of my friend laying laying on a blanket sleeping and I ran in and just cuddled with her! So funny! Everyone walking around was starring at us because there we are sleeping on the front lawn on our school during lunch class. Everytime someone walked by my other friends just said, stop judging, its finals week! Good times! Then in AP world we just watched presentations. They were pretty boring. Ours was so good though! Haha thats why hard work pays off! 

Then after the school day was over, as soon as my dad picked me up i kinda had a panic attack. It just hit me that I don’t understand chem at all and that the final is tomorrow! And my dad was being super annoying and asking me every single pointless question! Its so stupid! So as soon as i got home i ran inside my room and went balls deep into chem HW! I ended up studying for a solid 4 hours. Then my chem tutor came over and tutored me one last time to prep me for this final! Now I am laying on the coach writing this. I just love writing because i haven’t for such a long time! I love it! haha anyways! Wish me luck tomorrow guys, ill need it!

Are you in finals week right now?? What finals do you have? Have any tips on getting through them? 

Have a great day! XOXO

Summers almost here!

Holy cow you guys! 3 days left till summer! I could not be more excited for this summer. While i know every child looks forward to every summer, somehow I just have a really good feeling about this one. Maybe because everything just seems to be making sense right now. Its like everything has a purpose and my life is finally falling into place. Now that was have covered the serious stuff, back to summer! Last summer was kind of a bust for me because I had to go to school for about 4/5ths of it. Danm you Spanish 101! However I think it will make me that much more grateful for this summer. One of my favorite things about summer are the late nights and beach days. With school starting at 8AM every day and math class being my first class of the day, I never really had the option of staying out late at all this school year. But who cares, its summer in 3 more days! I am just so excited for the great times that I will have!

I know this summer will be amazing because of my boyfriend. Corny i know, but 100% true. I know that when ever I am with him I will have an amazing time, no matter what we are doing. We have been together now for about 2 months and i felt like i have known him all my life. Some how we just fit together perfectly! The beach is kind of our favorite place to go. We have developed this routine and spot that we go to every time we want a beach day. Firth he comes over and we pack food, water, and blankets then we head to the beach. We walk about two miles down the beach to this spot where not many people go. Not to “do the nasty” as kids my days call it, but just so we can be alone and forget about the world. We literally talk about everything and its so nice to be able to do that. I am just so thankful for being in love with my best friend. Anyways I am just so excited about summer because we plan to spend the majority of it on the beach, together!

Summers always go by so quickly but I just plan on enjoying this one. Wether it goes by fast or not! With finals in 2 days my mind has been going crazy! I only really have finals in math and chemistry but each one counts for 1/3rd of our grade! Like is that really necessary…? I don’t think so but whatever! I barley see my friends out side of school any more and it kinda sucks! Its always at the end of the year that everyone gets busy and stuff but hey as soon as summer starts, I get to see them all the time! I think this summer we are going camping to this really nice place called “Shaver Lake” its literally beautiful! I have been going there since I was like 5 and can’t wait to go back! Hopefully this year we can take my boyfriend, haha that would be very interesting, but super fun! So thats life right now!

I hope you have an amazing summer! How do you plan on spending your summer? Have any fun plans? Any cool trips? Please let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!





Friday fun day

First off I would like to apologize for not writing in a while, life has just been so crazy lately that its hard to find that time. But I am back now and better then ever! (I hope). So last night was friday night and it was one of the best friday nights I have had in along time! My friday started off with my alarm clock ringing at 6:30 and a hot cup of tea waiting for me bedside, thanks mommy! Then I hopped out of bed and into the shower, threw on some clothes and went to school. School lately has been pretty crazy since I missed all of last week because I went to Cabo! Oh yeah hey guys! I went to Cabo for a week! It was the most amazing time of my life! The ocean, the weather, and the Hotel was perfect! My mom and I got to go scuba diving, Snorkeling, swimming, and into town! It was such an incredible experience and I can’t wait to go back! Anyways back to school, Math class was crazy as usual. Now that we are starting Trig it just goes in one ear and out the other with me. I don’t know why but my head just won’t wrap around it and it sucks! I guess I just have to try harder. Theatre class we didn’t do anything as always because out teacher is all stressed out about the show he is putting on. It bugs me that he always mixes the after school shows and the class together when they are supposed to be two different things. Chem was fun as always you know, blowing up stuff and messing around. English was really shitty because I got into a pretty bad fight with a friend but I guess thing happen. I realized who my true friends our and how lucky I am to have them. Lunch was really fun because our school was being sponsored from toyota, and toyota brought a whole ton of cars for the kids to play around in and pledge to never drink and drive. I thought it was a really good idea to do that because it made the students want to not drink and drive. As soon as you pledged, they have you a huge scoop of free McConals Ice cream! It was so good because it was like 90 degrease outside! It was the perfect day for Ice Cream! After lunch was over I went to AP world class and studied for the mock AP exam that I was going to take on saturday. A Mock AP exam is basically a practice test just like the actual AP exam which is in 2 week! I am so nervous! So after school I rushed home and got ready for my boyfriend to come over for the third day in a row. I love this boy so much its crazy! I didn’t think it was possible to feel this way about someone in high school but with him it just happened. Almost as if we where made for each other! So when he come over around 3 we just hung out and had an amazing time! Then my mom made breakfast for dinner and we ate french toast. Its so nice to have a boyfriend that your mom likes because it makes everything so much easier! We can all just hangout together and its not awkward or weird. After dinner we got ready and headed to the play at my high school which was “How to succeed in business without really trying”. All my friends where in the show and it was really good! The whole time during the show my boyfriend and I held hands and played footsie, it was the cutest thing ever! Every time i look into his eyes my heart just melts. After the show me waited for the cast to come out to congratulate them on a show well done! All my friends had never met my boyfriend so it was really nice for them to meet him and get to know him finally! I think this is the begging of a beautiful relationship. After we said congrats to the cast we snuck away, ran through the school hallways and ended up in the schools quad area. We sat on a bench looking at the stars, it was a perfect night. Around 11pm our ride finally came and picked us up, i mean i didn’t mind waiting I had great company. After we gave my boyfriend a ride to his house, I went in with him and met his mom, step dad, and super sweet dog named Shadow for the first time. I was really nervous to meet them all but it need up being great! They are really nice people and I can’t wait to see them again. He then walked me back to my  car, kissed me goodnight, and walked away. I missed him from the second he closed the door but I knew it would’t be long until I saw him again. Then my driver who is my neighbor/Brother figure and I decided to go for a mid night run to In and Out! It was the perfect was to end the night haha. I mean whats better then love and food? Nothing, absolutely nothing. So that was my friday night, and I can’t wait for them all to be like this over the summer! Late nights with the boyfriend and good times with everyone! Thank you so much for reading! How was your friday night??? What did you do?? Have you seen any good Theatre shows lately? Have any questions, just ask :)

Thanks again! XOXO Jojo

A family full of dogs





Ever since I was born dogs were a huge part of my life. I came in this world with two dogs by my side and I have never been with out a dog ever since. They always give me a sense of safety no matter the situation. There is something so calming about having a sweet loving beast by your side, always willing to listen because well they don’t really have a choice. They always have your back, even in sticky situations. Dogs also are so much fun! They always are happy and energetic! I think that everyone should have at least one dog because well they really are therapy and make you feel so warm inside. 

In my house we have 3 dogs. Princess, Luna, and crazy daisy. Princess is the mama dog of the house hold. She makes sure everything is okay 24/7, and is always waiting to go to the park and run her heart out. Luna is princesses daughter, she really does have a personality! She has all these funny traits about her that you don’t see very often in dogs. Daisy is crazy, always only caring about food and sometimes i swear she forgets she’s a dog! She will perch herself up on the top part of our couch, purring like a cat! She is so weird, but i love her!

Here are some cute photos of my puppies! 

I Love this photo of princess!  I do have to say I am pretty proud of my photography skills here! haha She is so pretty!Image

This is luna, you can just see her character by the way she sits! Its so funny!Image


Princess awaiting her ball to be thrown! Image

This is charlie, my aunts dog that we baby sit while they go on vacation ever yearImage

This is cisco, char lies brother. He is about 8 years old! Still so cute! Everyone says he is fat but actually he is just “Wide chested” Image

I love this picture of Luna! What a babe! I love dogs so much haha! She is like one of my best friends. Might sound weird but honestly she always knows how to put a huge smile on my face! She’s the best, a bit crazy, ill give her the excuse of being an 8 month old puppy but still she is pretty amazing! Cant wait for all the memories she and I will create Image

So over all dogs are a hug part of my life and I just thought I would share some cute photos of these cute beasts of mine. 

Do you have dogs? If so what kind? Whats your best memory with your puppies???

Thanks for reading! XOXO


There is a new driver on the roads!

Watch out america this girl got her permit! AHHHHHHH! I have been waiting for this day for so long, literally since i was 8 years old, so you could say its about time! Today was such a great day!!! So it all started at 6:30 In the morning when my alarm went off. I woke up, threw on some clothes, and jumped onto my computer. I took about 6 practice permit tests from different websites, just in case, I needed to pass! I had been waiting for this day for a long time and I am not failing! One of my best friends just took the test last week and let me study off hers. Turns out I got the exact same test as her! How crazy is that! I only missed 1/46! And of course I forgot my social security number so we had to rush back home, grab it, and drive back to the DMV to actually take the best. It all worked out and thats all that matters. In the end I passed and got my permit! Now I don’t know if you know this but in california you can’t even drive with your permit till you have had a lesson with a driving instructor. Now I had waited at least 5 years for this day and didn’t want to wait any longer to drive. So I had my mom call the driving instructor and ask if we could do it at 11:30 which he happily agreed to! I got out of school for the whole day! WOOOHOOO! So worth it! At 11:30 I met with stan my driving instructor. He was a very kind and calm guy which was really nice for the first time ever driving. We spent an hour and half driving to goleta and back. It was so nice to be behind the wheel finally! Then after I got home I hoped in the car with my mom and we drove all the way out to carpinteria. That was really fun too! I can’t wait to drive to school in the morning! People might say I am so excited about such a simple thing but it gives you so much more freedom to know that I can drive if there where ever be an emergency. Also driving is freedom and honestly I love freedom haha. Anyways wish me luck on the roads! I can’t wait till my dad returns home and I can pick him up at the air port!

Here is a really dorky picture of me with my permit!



Do you drive? Any good tips for a new driver? Thank you for reading! XOXO






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